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Few Industries we Serve


Healthcare Technology is constantly changing to enhance patient's lives through Connected Care, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Digital Health opens a new era of Healthcare Disruption of Care Delivery across the Care Continuum. Value based care delivery models are now democratised than before. Patients are back in the center of care with technology empowering them.

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Key Features

  • Patient Portals
  • Mobile Health Apps
  • Medications Management
  • Mobile based Tele Medicine
  • Mobile and Video Tele Medicine
  • Analytics & Dashboards
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Mobile, Cloud and Democratisation of Digital Banking is opening a plethora of opportunities to disrupt! Disruption in Fintech is the new norm with new business models with new technology and new data points!

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Key Features

  • Mobile based Micro Lending Solutions
  • Mobile based Alternate Lending Data Scores
  • Aadhar Integrations
  • eKYC Integrations
  • eSign Integrations
  • UPI Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
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Retail & FMCG are ripe of disruption only by connecting the last time!

We enable Retail and FMCG companies to track their Field Sales teams better, enable them with custom Mobile Solutions that can Track, Tag and Manage their Retails assets better with the right analytics!

Key Features

  • Asset Mangement
  • Geo Location based asset tracking
  • Geo Location based field force tracking
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Social Media

Engage, Track & Convert

User Engagement is vital for any solution that leverages the power of networks! We build socials apps that help you engage the right audience through the integration of existing social media channels!

Key Features

  • Social Media based Mobile Apps
  • Deep Social Integrations
  • Google, FB, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin
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Power of Technology to Serve Humankind!

To Serve others is the key to Life and Humanity! NGOs do such a great job in solving real problems in the world across all segment of society! Technology Solutions can be a great enabler and leveller to ensure easy access and information to services and upliftment of one's lives.

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Key Features

  • Mobile based Organ Donation
  • Mobile based Free Food Distribution System

Information Technology

A Simple and Complex Paradox to stay relevant in business today!

the IT industry is the most dynamic industries in the world! We work as a reliable partner to Techonology firm to help them succeed in their markets against their competition! Code in our genes, helps us to learn and adapt new technologies to stay relevant and add value to customer's business. We are always active in the eco system to explore synergies of growth for us and for our clients!

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Key Features

  • Virtual CTO
  • Technology Consulting
  • Temp Staffing