Global Software Development

Software Product Development

Aguai Solutions provides passionate, innovative and experienced software product development superstars to build your products and solutions. We have expertise in PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Java, Perl, MySQL, Oracle and several other technologies. Our teams practice agile methodologies to continuously and iteratively build your solution. We build a variety of custom software solutions for our clients, here are some -

  • Cloud-based products / SaaS products
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Automations
  • E-commerce products
  • Custom CMS products
  • Social Media products
  • Websites (Responsive)
  • Open Source Web Development
  • Banking solutions
  • Telecom solutions
  • Integrations
Technologies Stacks we specialize in
  • LAMP Stack
  • WAMP Stack
  • MEAN Stack
  • Technologies we specialize in
    • PHP Development
    • .NET Development
    • Node-Js Development
    • UI Technologies we specialize in
      • JS Development
      • Angular JS Development
      • Breeze JS Development
      • Knockout JS Development
      • DB Technologies we specialize in
      • MySQL
      • MS SQL Server
      • MongoDB
      • And much more.
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