23rd June 2017

Working on a Chatbot?

The truth is, most chatbots are just not built for conversations (just going with the market hype). Early versions chatbot interactions were designed based on rules and decision trees. In fact, these chatbot designs borrowed heavily from call centre scripts to handle simple enquiry-based interactions. The user interfaces will often feature menus and selectable options as opposed to free-text based interactions. The chatbot understands a specific command and nothing more. To make a chatbot conversational, more […]
18th May 2017

The next looming battle in the tech world will be based around digital assistants

Like Google Assistant, which is moving to iOS to take on Siri, digital assistants may completely devalue the platforms they run on. In case you hadn’t noticed, the OS platform battle is over. Oh, and nobody really won, because basically all the big players did, depending on your perspective. Google has the largest number of people using Android, Apple generates the most income via iOS, and Windows still commands the workplace for Microsoft. But the stakes […]