23rd February 2017
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Why Windows Azure Makes Sense for Business

Microsoft’s Windows Azure continues to provide an excellent platform for more and more businesses. Whether it’s a start-up with little to no capital, or an established corporation with an existing infrastructure, Windows presents a new environment for deploying and distributing information and applications. Companies are recognising the ever-increasing benefits of a cloud-based architecture and the costs savings it can mean or their business. The cloud-based platform is not a new concept. Several companies have established a […]
23rd February 2017

10 Microsoft Azure business benefits in one convenient list

Technology, in various states, has long been important to the success of organisations. However, the manoeuvring of technology within a business and the pressures to provide direct ROI [return on investment] behind every line item has meant that it’s no longer sufficient to just say “it is important” – there has to be an explainable value. While this matter could be approached from a variety of areas, we think that demonstrating the various Microsoft Azure benefits […]
16th February 2017
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The next big thing in healthcare is Bots

Through 2020, India and other countries globally will make sure their healthcare industry is digital, focused intensely on implementing Electronic Health Record (EHR), Personal Health Record (PHR), and Mobile Health (mHealth) systems. These will ultimately be integrated via Health Information Exchange (HIE) networks. mHealth technologies – including health trackers, doctor portals or insurance apps – are even forecasted to reach 1.158 billion users by 2020, and they will prove extremely valuable in preventing and treating a […]
16th February 2017

What ‘skills’ can healthcare develop for Amazon Alexa?

Amazon’s Alexa may not have all the answers yet, but its learning system depends on building ‘skills’. Amazon calls its Alexa apps ‘skills’. Voice-recognition technology is a more human, person-centered and contextually personalised way to exchange data. Seamless, frictionless exchange of data is the goal of interoperability and what the patient/consumer wants. What healthcare ‘skills’ can you imagine for Amazon’s Alexa or other AI voice assistants for the home? Can you see a future for Alexa on FHIR? Read more […]
14th February 2017

Chatbots made for Healthcare

Using a robotic chat agent to engage patients is not a new idea. In fact, the world’s very first chatbot was designed to be a Rogerian psychotherapist who can chat with human patients by reflecting on what the human said. In recent years, ProjectRED has famously developed a robotic nurse (called Louise) who can emphatically talk to patients to go over their medications and home care items at hospital discharge time. However, in general, without the […]
14th February 2017
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The CHATBOTs may play doctor in the future of healthcare

A supercomputer whirs away in London, crunching complex drug chemistries into deep learning algorithms to discover new medications. A few miles away, a DeepMind neural network scans millions of images from Moorfields Eye Hospital, searching for signs of eye disease. Suddenly, your smartphone rings — it’s a chatbot. The application casually asks if you still have that headache from yesterday and if you’d like to book a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow. Read more on DIGITA TRENDS